Reiki healing is an energy therapy

Reiki healing is an energy therapy that uses hand-touch thought to balance the client’s energy field and accelerate the healing process of the body, spirit, and mind. This healing was discovered by a Japanese native known as Dr. Usui Sensei. It was developed as early as the 1800s and developed in Japan. The founder was a knowledge seeker of the understanding of the spiritual nature of the body. It was a common practice among Buddhists. Presently, the practice is becoming popular in the US. People used it to treat various conditions in the past few decades, including heart attacks, mental issues, and even prostate issues.

The healing is grounded in the principles that the universe presents to use energy and since health needs the flow of energy to be balanced and sustained throughout the body. Any disturbance that might happen and obstruct this energy’s flow will result in emotional, physical, and mental problems. Therefore, the practitioners try to bring a balance of energy by opening the blocked energy. They do this by placing their hands on various parts of the client’s body, starting with the head.

Some people might be worried and think that the reiki healing process can have side effects. The truth is that reiki is a non-invasive and safe procedure. It has no harmful side effects. If the practitioner is treating someone with trauma, it is not right to let them sleep in a dim and quiet room with someone close.

Before the treatment, the client should wear comfortable clothes, remove shoes and any jewelry. Also, keep the phone switched off all the time of the healing. This allows for a quiet place that enhances concentration. You also need to keep the positive energy flowing, and you can achieve this by taking enough water. Usually, you might feel energized, tired, peaceful, or calm. Any of these feelings are natural and healing.